The ~SEA~ range of PE boats are all  certified for inshore use in waves up to 2 metres and Beaufort 6. Each design has exploited the characteristics of rotational moulding in the hull shape and features.

The dolphin, at 6.2 metres, is in the style of a centre console panga sports boat but its sleek lines belie just how tough it is: Fishing Monthly (Australia) put this to the test when its reporter "took to the hull with a 12 lb sledgehammer...hit it 9 times but couldn't even leave a mark". Made for us in Indonesia you will be delighted, as we are, with the build quality.

A "solid" rib style the funYak 5.40 petrel offers a huge payload for a boat of this length (10 adults) and, with a gull wing V hull, superb stability. An 'unsinkable' emergency services tender, diveboat, safety boat or general workboat.

The 4.50 secu 15 is a centre console (optional) for up to 6 that must be about the best value small centre console category C available today.

The two smaller SEA boats are each rated for 6 and 4 respectively (RCD cat. D and in C conditions for 3). Ideal as club safety boats the 3.90 secu 13 sparfel is in the rib style and the 3.60 secu 12 a freeform planing hull.

Polyethylene needs no painting (the colour is moulded in) or antifouling - simply take it out of the water and clean off the hull. The PE used has a UV inhibitor and has good resistance.