Rotational moulding of polyethylene produces seamless and stress free constructs that have long been appreciated by industry. This same technique is used to provide the marine leisure and commercial sectors with smart, tough, virtually indestructible and maintenance free craft. Originally used for kayaks, canoes it is now being used to produce stylish, and equally durable, larger water craft.

Double skinned and with a low weight to strength ratio they perform well with relatively low HP outboards - another operating economy.

Check out the range, send us an email with any questions that occur, decide what best suits your needs (and options that you want) - then order it direct from us.

Atlantic Focus boats are of a high build quality that meet the needs of fisherman, rescue services (police, fishery inspection, customs, fire, flood) sailing club, cadet group, government and local authority, environmental agency, family and outdoor enthusiast ~ for work and play ~ aquaculture to zoological park. A demanding specification ~ but one that we think has been met by the range of quality craft assembled here. Rotationally moulded boats in UV resistant polyethylene are stress free and seamless. The double skinned hull results in integral buoyancy, and a smooth construct that is a virtually maintenance free durable boat that we guarantee for 3 years*.

We are perfectly happy that you compare our boats against other craft of similar specification from manufacturers like Jenneau and Pioner: for pound (or € per kg) the facts speak for themselves:

Atlantic Focus for Boats that are Economic and Stylish.

Longer lasting than boats of conventional construction PE roto-moulded craft are also fully recyclable and, if you do manage to inflict damage it, is relatively easy to repair with a hot air gun.

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The dolphin 6.20 is made for us in Indonesia where it was designed as an inshore patrol boat but has graduated to leisure (reef and sports fishermen) and was called into service on tsunami relief: "even the toughest military spec 'Zodiacs' are being trashed in hours as they try to deal with the piles of broken timber and rusty nails that litter the foreshore (Acha province, Indonesia) but these boats (dolphin 6.20's with tiller steer) are close to indestructible for SAR (search and rescue)..."                                  Island Aid during the rescue operations...

Due to the logistics of import the Dolphin must be ordered in quantity and is supplied to (EU) trade.

Other boats have been developed for the demanding French market with its mixed needs from Mediterranean chic to Biscay sauvetage, not  forgetting lake and river fishing, diving, sailing club & school support, water sports, commercial activity & straightforward enjoyment of the sea & shore...

With great value boats from 'conventional' design to rigid hull versions of the ubiquitous rib (our RBs) we look to supply compatible trailers at fair prices. Sunway from France.  

We also now supply Rotomod (RTM) and Dag sit in and sit on kayaks too...


order your boat with a trailer for true mobility

* boats for private leisure use in the UK have a 3 year guarantee (1 year for commercial use) covering parts and labour as deemed necessary to effect repair following inspection by Atlantic Focus and subject to the boat having been used and stored in a proper manner.

The guarantee covers:

It does not include damage or deterioration occasioned by:

Excluded are: