Maximising the design advantages of rotational moulding many of the kayaks offered are 'sit on' models rather than 'sit in'. This way inbuilt buoyancy and ergonomic support can be incorporated in a one piece construct. The obvious difference of a 'sit on' to traditional kayaks is that the cockpit (seat) is a (deep) moulded depression on the upper surface of the boat (which is a fully buoyant - unsinkable - sealed lozenge) and not a space inside a shell hull.

For those who need, or prefer, a sit-in we offer some great models for sea, lake, river or whitewater.


The boats offered will meet the needs and expectations of a wide user cross-section - check 'em out !

The Mono 2.80 is a simple no-nonsense sit-on for surf and calmer water and the pibale (elver) brings kayak fishing and family tripping to a new level - truly a boat for roaming not just a 'yak.  These sit-on-tops are built with recreational or novice paddlers in mind. Teksport's sit-on kayaks like the XPLORE, and XCITE or RTM's DISCO, K-largo, Quattro, etc and the Dag family of sit on tops, surf fun boats, fishing kayaks and 'open top' sea models: kayaks to suit all needs, single, double and triple seaters...

Why a Sit-on-Top? There are a few advantages one of which, comfort has already been flagged: not only is a moulded seat achieved but also leg support. People come in many shapes and sizes and the open design does not impose constraints that a cockpit can. Generally larger body types, long legs, and those with limited flexibility feel less confined with a sit on top. Smaller kayakers do not have to cope with cockpit edges and this freedom of movement makes for more relaxed paddling.

Perhaps the main benefit of a sit-on boat is that there is no need to practice rolls or wet exits because, with the open deck of a sit on top, there is no risk on capsize of being trapped in the cockpit A boon for those starting out on kayaks: who may never capsize, and if they do can recover more easily in an 'open' boat. The greater freedom of movement of modern sit-on-tops should certainly be considered by those not inclined to white water sport.

However if you are into wild water (or just prefer an enclosed cockpit) and need a sit-in then we can supply Teksport's xcess (K2.40): or xile (2.60) whitewater boats suited for a spectrum of uses and users!  Also the K3.40 rockhopper, a sit-in designed by BLUEsky (play-the-sea) as a short touring or coastal kayak and a great alternative to a full blown sea kayak or a standard river runner.

And NOW the superb Rotomod (RTM) expresso sea kayak, well named solo and ysak expedition boat or for the expert the plus, from Dag, smart boats like the shark playboat to the canadia unsinkable canoe. For those looking for a 'top end' composite kayak there are the RTM Tooka range

Presto 537


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