To complement your new boat we are pleased to offer a range of four stroke outboards from Parsun either as primary or auxiliary units - each and every one is factory bench tested prior to supply and comes with a 3 year guarantee# backed by the UK distributor. 


You will be surprised at how affordable one of our boats packaged with a Parsun outboard is: generally 25%, or more, cheaper than comparable quality offerings.

Power Range (HP) Four Stroke

2.6 4 5 8 9.8 9.9 15 20 25


594 696 1176 1344 1380 1560 1984 2367
long shaft  + 24 + 24 + 20 + 30 long only + 30

  + 30


Electric Start  + 230 + 260 + 280
Remote + Electric Start

+ 360

+ 380 + 390 + 458

Recommended Retail Price including VAT

ADD delivery ex-works (from UK distributor) which is item and location dependent

 How about an Electric outboard

silent, green (no emissions) and cheap to run

H. P. Short Shaft Long Shaft Remote

Looks like a 'normal' outboard but these are  48V  electric models offering real power output of 2.9kw & 3.6kw at 5000rpm Weighing 30kg - add leisure batteries

4 1838 + 107 + 200
5 1865 + 107 + 200


Fresh and now Salt


The specification table below shows the full Flover specifications, along with optional extras such as extendable tiller: (T), optional battery gauge (G), and Salt Water version (S)

MODEL (Lb thrust) 33 35   45   55
Thrust  in kg 15.0 15.9   20.4   24.9
Control Handle Option (F)

Extendable tiller (T)

Saltwater Version No No   Option (S) No Option (S)
Voltage 12V
Speeds 5 x Forwards + 3 x Reverse
Shaft Length ( cm ) 75 85
Prop Dia. x Pitch (inch) 9 x 4 11 x 4
Battery Gauge No Option (G)
Net Weight ( kg ) 6.6 6.7   7.3   7.6
Gross Weight ( kg ) 10.5 10.6   11.5   11.8
Hours Use @ maximum Speed - 100ah battery 3 2.95   2.56   2
PRICE  fixed tiller         135          
PRICE  extended tiller   144 159   192   214

with LED battery meter

      218   241
Salt Water version       255   279

See Boat pages for examples of Package Price

Where the Parsun range does not meet the power or features that you (or our larger boats) require then we will quote and supply Mariner, Honda or Suzuki 4 stroke outboards.

Parsun Power Machine Co are the main manufacturer of water pumps in China and the third largest manufacturer of 4 stroke petrol generators in the world!!  They have extensive experience in the manufacture of 4 stroke engines. Quality and Value are the company pillars.

The build quality of their products is excellent, and for their outboard range they use the best marine grade aluminium and top quality bearings - the right materials ensure their engines are built to last.

All Parsun gearboxes are tested thoroughly before fitting as is the cylinder head. EVERY Parsun outboard is run for 1 hr in the engine testing bay before shipping. Other manufacturers generally do batch testing, perhaps 1 in 500 units or thereabouts, Parsun test EVERY engine, no excuses.

Paintwork: quite simply hand finished, there is no better way of ensuring a good paint job and perfect finish, so that's what Parsun do. EVERY engine has 2 layers of undercoat, and 3 layers of top coat; hand sprayed and rubbed down (again by hand) between each coat for a hard, perfect, corrosive resistant finish which is better than the best machine finished spray job on the market.
ALL Parsun engines now carry a 3 year warranty
# from distributed by Marine Imports UK. Each engine in the range carries FULL CE certification and exceeds the 2007 EPA emissions standards..

# see terms and conditions